Two objects that I am watching carefully

I chose the works of Joaquim and of Teresa, for several motives:

– Boarded content;

– To use a tool different from what I worked;

– And for the first impression that they caused me, since they are a few objects what to see is appetizing.

Joaquim begins because of doing a historical contextualização of the theory of Cooperation Freedom, of the Teacher Paulsen Morten, as well as of the theories that preceded him and in which it was inspired. Then he presents the pillars in which this theory has support.

I find what he presents well, and it develops the concept of Cooperative Learning. The demands that are due have in this theory and that are, basically, the individual flexibility.

The author stands out, of between the six, you punish three: team, space and pace. It is an option, I consider myself them that the six were deserving to be explained, when the risk is taken of mutilating the understanding of the theory.

Like suggestion, I think that the Theory Cooperative Freedom would gain bigger understanding if reference was made to the andragogy, to a way as the adults learn.

Concluding, I liked a great deal of the presentation, namely of the graphic arrangement. But I already knew that Joaquim is very good in that!

Teresa presents the Theory of a very detailed form, doing a good framing of the concept, inserting it in the sequence of the theories on which it was based.

Thereafter she presents the Cooperative Freedom as an excellent solution in order that they learn the adults.

Exclass of a very precise and deep form, the hexagon of the freedom!!

Perhaps the slides are passing quickly of more. The music is the best.

A prepared by Teresa Rafael

Cooperative Freedom

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And the other by Joaquim Lopes

Cooperative Learning

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