1st Trans-National Distance Conference on Quality in Adult Learning 2009

On the 17th of December 2009, five national workshops from all over Europe and one virtual seminar in Second Life will be facilitated by a Roundtable in Brussels. Participants will be following via live stream, Twitter and chat. The 1st Trans-National Distance Conference on Quality in Adult Learning 2009 is crossing barriers: Adult learners have the possibility to discuss their needs directly with representatives of Adult Learning Centers and leading networks of Europe which are representing the policy dimension.

What is quality in adult learning? In two years of research and piloting, the QUALC project partnership has developed a toolset of methods and criteria which will be presented for the first time to a broad public audience during the 1st Trans-National Distance Conference on Quality in Adult Learning 2009. Educational scientists and practitioners have worked hand in hand to develop a quality approach to meet the special needs of adult learners. According to Mariarosa Di Nubila, project manager of QUALC who developed the initial idea of the conference, quality is a continuous process of sharing, participating and improving among all the actors which are involved in the learning activities.

Practical information for participants:

The event will be streamed on the QUALC website and on the adult learning NING https://adult-learning.ning.com of the QUALC partnership. At the NING, everybody has the possibility to directly communicate with the Roundtable and the conference team within a live chat.

Everybody who is interested in participating in the Second Life seminar, should register at https://mailto:info@efquel.org” target=”_blank”>info@efquel.org> until the 16th of December at 12:00 o’clock CET.

For more information visit https://adult-learning.ning.com/events/1st-transnational-distance

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